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3 Ted Talks Anyone with BIG GOALS Should Watch

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!

I thought I’d wrap up the week talking about goals – how we can set them and how we can achieve them.

I’ve always been intrigued by Ted Talks. All it really is are people who have done cool things who want to share a bit of their wisdom with us (regular people). I had a teacher in high school who would show us one every week, and I dont think she ever realized how much she impacted all of us by doing that. Theres something about them that makes anyone want to get up off their butt and go make something happen.

Today I wanted to share with you a few that have inspired me and helped me set the groundwork to work towards some of my bigger goals. Here at Life of Ria, I’m all about goal setting and organization, so it just makes sense!

Without further ado, check these out!!

1. How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals – Stephen Duneier

I love this one because he talks to the people who feel like they dont have any special skills or talents, but want to make things happen. He talks about how any crazy goal can be broken down into simple, 5-10 minute tasks. When these tasks are done over time, they make big things happen. Once he figured this out, he started going after anything that seemed interesting to him, and he had some amazing results from it!

2. Try Something New for 30 Days – Matt Cutts

This one has been one of my all time favorites, and one that has influenced a lot of what I’ve done in my life. You can try ANYTHING for 30 days. Not only does it help you add good to your life in manageable chunks, but it teaches you discipline and structure that can be essential once you establish those big dreams. It actually connects to number 1 because you can pick your small, bite-sized activity and try to make it happen for at least 30 days.

This can honestly be the life-changing secret for people that have a hard time building new habits or being consistent. Dont commit to changing your entire life, just add or subtract something for 30 days.

3. Keep Your Goals to Yourself – Derek Sivers

This is probably one of the shortest Ted Talks I’ve ever seen, but he brings up a powerful point. If you tell someone your goal, it is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that you’re less likely to do it. Our minds crave the satisfaction of achieving something and being proud of ourselves, so dont let your mind have any of it by telling someone. Dont give yourself the satisfaction at all until you’re making progress, and you’ll make so much more.

Would you rather pat yourself on the back for setting a goal, or achieving one? Exactly.

So grind in secret so that you can celebrate openly. Its so much fun to blow everyones minds anyway 😉

Wrapping it Up

So, there you have it. These Ted Talks can make all the difference if you internalize them, and apply what they’re talking about to your big goal thats been sitting in the back of your mind. Remember you aren’t here to be ordinary, and this time on Earth is your only shot at achieving them, so you might as well approach them the right way!!

Is there anything I can do to help you work towards what you’ve been dreaming of? Let me know in the comments!! 

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