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Motivational Monday 4

Hello everyone and happy Monday!! So excited for Motivational Monday number FOUR and I’m really pumped about this one.

If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word. – Margaret Atwood

I love this quote so much. So many times we end up in a kind of decision paralysis and we freeze up because we dont want to make any mistakes, or we dont feel like it is “right”. Let me tell you, its so important to just do something!!!!

I had this experience over the past few months, where I was trying to figure out what my “thing” was. And I kept looking for some kind of passion or purpose and I kept thinking to myself “I’ll know it when I find it” and even more dangerously “I’ll feel fulfilled when I find it”. I tried a bunch of things, none of them stuck. I went after becoming a yoga instructor, being an instagram person, changing my career to being a teacher, etc. And I never found that “click”. I was getting so frustrated and, to be honest, somewhat depressed. If everyone else could find their thing why couldn’t I?

I made my New Years Resolution to be to find my passion, and tried instagram again… fail. (again). So I got to googling: “how to find your passion” etc. I came across some advice that made all the difference. Someone told me to just pick something and try it. Even if the thing you try isn’t right, its okay, because it helps you make some progress towards finding whatever it is you do like. Some people even argue that there is no such thing as a “calling” in life or a passion, we just find things that we really enjoy. I’m not sure where I stand on that yet, but I will say that if you find something that you even somewhat enjoy, try it out for more than a day.

From my experience, there may not be a “spark” where angels sing to you and tell you that you’ve found your life’s purpose. But, if you’re trying everything, you’ll get there.

The secret is to keep moving.

And this doesn’t have to be your life’s purpose either. Maybe you know what it is that you want to do, but you’re waiting to be perfect before you get anything into motion. Let me tell you, thats just as bad too! Even if you’re talented at something, that doesn’t mean you’ll be perfect. I’m sure Picasso threw out hundreds, if not thousands of paintings.

You have to just try!! If you’re not trying, theres no way you’ll ever be perfect. If you’re just staring at your computer, no words will ever form: perfect or imperfect.

One of the coolest parts about life is that there are always opportunities for first drafts that nobody will see. Maybe even second or third drafts. When you’re just going for it, yeah there will be things that you do that are garbage, but there will also be things that come out that are pure gold!

Think about Margaret Atwood, the author of this quote. She wrote Surfacing, The Handmaid’s Tale (Which you MUST watch the show of on Hulu!!!!), and The Blind Assassin. Do you think she wrote those overnight? How many first drafts do you think she threw away? Probably millions. Does that make her any less talented? Of course not. Do you think she’s glad she wrote even though she knew it wouldn’t be perfect? Duh!!

The Bottom Line

So, what I’ve been trying to say here on this beautiful Monday morning is TRY. I know you have something sitting in the back of your head that you’ve been terrified of starting for whatever reason. Let me give you a challenge, Try it out!!! You’ll probably fail. But once you do, you’ll be in a better place than you were before to try again!! Every person who has been good at anything had failed bajillions of times.

The opportunity is out there to be wildly successful, but it has to find you working, trying, failing, redrafting, and trying again. If you keep that cycle going, you’ll refine yourself, your ideas, and your talents to be laser focused towards where it is you want to go. But you’ll never get that clarity from just thinking about trying, or from being afraid of failing. So just give it a shot! I dare you.

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