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Why (and how) I Blog

Hi everyone!! I’m super excited to get into this next post with you guys, and its one that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I’m not one to blog about blogging, but I’ve been getting tons of questions lately about why I blog, what tools I use, and my tips for someone who wants to get started.

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The Lowdown

As you may know from reading through some of my posts, I work full time as a retail manager. It was my first job out of college and there are parts of it that I absolutely love!!! (More about that later). But, I still felt unfulfilled by my day job. I think thats something almost everyone can relate to.. especially because there is a good, a bad, and an ugly to any career. It didn’t help that this one had such an irregular schedule that I couldn’t find myself with any real, consistent hobbies. On top of that, I was in a new city (and the schedule didn’t help with making friends either!!!)

How I landed on blogging

I sat down one day and decided that I needed to come up with something that I could do outside of work that didn’t include sleeping, cleaning, or yoga. I’ve always been fascinated by people who have a passion or a side project, and I decided that I wanted to find one of those.

So one night, pretty late (with work at 5 am the next day!!!) I opened up a word document on my computer and called it “What I’m Gonna Do”. (Real creative, I know). And I just typed and typed and typed about what I wanted in life, where I could see myself going, what interested me, etc. I was trying to figure out what it was that my current job wasn’t fulfilling. Eventually I landed at a conclusion: I wanted something that could completely be my own, something that would help me improve and be independent, and something that I could help people with. Of course, I decided that a wanted to start blogging.

All in all, I wanted to be able to share some of the things I’ve learned about life and organization and motivation with people in a way that was completely my own. I love my blog and I’m so happy that you’ve stopped by to see it!

What I’ve Learned

So, this post and update wouldn’t be complete without me trying to share with you where I’m at now, and what I’ve learned! Its been a wild, busy month, but I’ve had so much fun. And, yes, I do feel like I’ve finally filled that hole that was left a little bit empty with my job! I’ve gotten a lot of comments and messages from other new bloggers asking for advice. By no means am I an expert (and I never intend on blogging about blogging). But, I will share you a thing or two I’ve learned

  1. It is possible!! Anyone who hasn’t ever been much of a writer will feel somewhat strange putting words out for anyone to read. I know that at the beginning I had some self doubts, thinking that my writing was crap or that nobody would read it or that nobody would even be reading! Let me tell you, all of those are FALSE! Anyone can be a good writer, and unique blogging voices are the coolest part of reading blogs in my opinion. Secondly, any bit of time spent on Pinterest will lead to crazy results. I had more people reading my blog this month than I ever had imagined, and I didn’t really do anything too crazy. . IT IS POSSIBLE to have a great impact with your blog!
  2. Write about something that you care about!! Especially when you have another job or commitment, it can be really really hard to wake up early or go to sleep late because you need to write. This will be much easier, though, if you enjoy it.
  3. Dont stress about numbers!! As a new blogger, who cares about your numbers! Seriously. I see so many income reports where people are making hundreds of bucks in their first month blogging. If thats not you, dont worry! If you write about something you love with the pure intention of having a creative outlet, helping people, or just sharing a bit of yourself with the world, the people who need to find you will!

My Tools

This is probably the topic that I’m asked the most about!

  1. I use SiteGround for my hosting. Its awesome because I literally dont even have to think about it. I can focus on blogging without having to worry about having website issues. Its cheap, and the nice thing is that when you set it up it automatically sets you up with WordPress too! (Which can be super complicated if you’re trying to figure out all of this on your own!
  2. I use WordPress to set up my site! I think this is universally understood to be the best platform to use, and I have zero complaints! Plus is works seamlessly with Siteground which makes it easy!
  3. I use Tailwind to run my Pinterest account! I went back and forth about whether or not I wanted to use tailwind or not. It does cost money, but I’ve found that Tailwind is worth the money and then some! Its so nice to know that I can be at work or go on a day trip without having to worry about getting on Pinterest a certain amount of times every day! It allows me to fully focus on blogging and coming up with new post ideas!

Looking Forward

Where do I want to go with blogging? The sky is honestly the limit. I want to keep helping people, and I hope to expand into new niches! If you guys have anything you want me to write about, or anything you think I shouldn’t, let me know! I also hope to monetize my blog in the coming months, and I will gladly answer questions about that as well!

And of course, THANK YOU!

I appreciate everyone who’s read my blog, pinned my pins, or reached out to me in any way! This has been an amazing little journey and its just the beginning! You guys rock!

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