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Staying Motivated

Hello y’all and Happy Wednesday! How is everyone doing today? Here in Reno its still not quite as warm as I would like (or expect) it to be in mid April! But what do I know? Today I’m going to write about staying motivated.

I talk a lot about goals and goal setting. Its something that I’m very passionate about on a few different levels.. both with myself and the people around me. I see it time and time again that people have big goals and keep running into road blocks that keep them from where they want to be. There are a million different reasons to why this happens. But, part of the reason I wanted to blog is to talk about how people can actually go after their dreams, and how they can work around those road blocks. Theres nothing more heartbreaking than someone who cant stay motivated, and eventually gives up.

Betting on yourself

When we decide on a new goal, more often than not it involves taking a risk. Sometimes that risk isn’t as serious as quitting your job and living on ramen. Sometimes the risks we take are just that we’re putting ourselves out there, or that other people don’t understand exactly what we’re doing. Early on in pursuing something, often times all you have is yourself.

We have such an easy time putting our trust in other people. We invest (financially or otherwise) in companies that are run by other people. We fall in love and put our complete trust in the other half. We bet on sports teams, even though we don’t have any control over the outcome of the game. So why do we get so scared when we’re putting that same level of trust and commitment into ourselves?

Its risky, scary and often uncomfortable to get out of our same old routine and go against the status quo and chase something. But, I am a firm believer that everyone should go off on a limb and bet on themselves at least once in their lives. You never know, you could come out victorious. If you hadn’t tried, you never would have known.

We humans have an amazing ability to give 110% when we’re invested in ourselves and when we believe in what we are creating. You hear the inspiring stories of people like Steve Jobs who worked nonstop because he wanted to bring his idea into the world. He bet on himself and look at what he was able to accomplish.

So, my first tip in staying motivated is to make sure that you believe in, and invest in yourself and what you can accomplish. Its so much easier to keep going when all your chips are places on yourself.

Hold Yourself to a High Standard

We all get lazy. Sometimes its easier to wear sweatpants and watch Netflix all day. And of course theres a time or place for that. But, you have to keep yourself moving to stay motivated. You can do it, so why dont you? If you keep the momentum going, its a lot harder to stop going. But, the second you lose momentum, its pretty freakin hard to get going again! This past Motivational Monday I used the quote:

You attract what you are. If you want great, then be great.

If you want to read more about my thoughts on that, then click the link!!

But, the bottom line is that if you hold yourself to a higher standard, things will work out smoother. This even applies to things that are seemingly unrelated! For example, there was a study a few years ago that talked about how people with cleaner homes performed better at work. At first glance, why would your house and your job be related? But, when you think about it, it makes total sense. The people with cleaner houses were used to being organized and having themselves more together. So, it was easier for themselves to have this same standard at work.

When you’re putting off a vibe that says “I’ve got it together, I’m doing my best”, it sends a message to the world that says “Bring it. I’m ready for the next level”.

Keep this in mind as you design your days. Whatever it is that you need motivation for, remember that its a lot easier to be motivated when you’re organized, taking care of yourself, and holding yourself to a high standard in all areas of your life! Plus, when you’re taking care of yourself inside and out, its a given that you’ll be at your best.


Visualization is awesome, straight up. I liked the idea but didn’t really believe the benefits until I started playing lacrosse in high school. Our coach would recommend that before a game we took 5 or 10 minutes to picture the perfect game in our heads: catching passes, making goals, running plays. I dont think anyone took it seriously except me, and it made ALL the difference. When you’ve rehearsed it in your head, its so much easier to make it happen when those exact situations come along. You’re ready for it. And, it made an unreal difference in how I played.

Tons of pro athletes use it, along with many people who aren’t athletes. If you just google “visualization”, you’ll come across some crazy stories. Its been claimed by Jim Carrey, Oprah, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor, Lindsey Vonn, Will Smith, G-Eazy. I could keep going, but the main point is that there must be something to it.

Not only does it help you solve problems in your head, and prepare to perform well when it matters most. In the motivation aspect, it helps you keep the end goal in mind. When you’re in the trenches, and you’re working harder than you ever thought you would, its so easy to get discouraged. If you find that happening to you, why not picture that end goal in full detail. It will remind you that if you keep going, keep believing in yourself, keep trying that your goal CAN and WILL happen! Its all about just harnessing your own power. It sounds cheesy, but its true.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve read this post, then you must have some kind of dream that you’re working towards. You may be tired, losing steam, frustrated, or just plain over it. Dont be!! Life is so short and there is way too much possibility to just live by your status quo. Believe in yourself and I think you’ll make it out better than ever. I believe in you!! Comment down below and tell me what your big dream is!

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