How to Break Out of a FUNK

You know the feeling, but you cant exactly describe it. You just feel off, unmotivated, frustrated, tired, and just “blah”. You wake up and know what you need to do, but just cant find the motivation, energy, or desire to do it. So you go to sleep, or let important things go by the wayside.

The good news is, breaking out of your funk is possible! Not only that, its very necessary. It may be hard to even get up the desire to do something about it, but once you do I promise it’ll be worth it! The next piece of good news is that these steps are very concrete, and will definitely help you break free and have energy again if you really try.

1. Get outside

Sunshine and fresh air do wonders for us physically, mentally, and emotionally. There is nothing that will clear your mind more than everything that comes with the outdoors. You can go for a walk, water your plants, or even just pull up a chair and soak up the sunshine.

Fatigue, lack of drive, and other depression-like symptoms can actually be linked to a Vitamin D deficiency (the sunshine vitamin!). And, if you’re like me (and a surprising number of other people), you probably dont get enough of it unless you are outside a lot or take a vitamin.

So, go outside and soak of up the sun. You may be surprised with how much of a difference it makes!

2. Declutter

There is so much evidence about how our environment can affect everything we do, for better or for worse. There are an almost infinite number of connections that psychologists have drawn between your environment and your brain. So, it makes sense that a cluttered space is often one of the causes of a cluttered mind. On top of that, when our minds are cluttered and weighed down, we are more likely to keep our spaces less clean.

So, in order to clear up your funk and cluttered thoughts, that cycle has to be broken. You’re not going to want to, but put on some good music and start cleaning. It doesn’t even matter where you start, but here are some ideas:

  • Sort out clothes you’d like to donate
  • Do the dishes and put them away
  • Throw away anything that has no reason to stay (bills, trash, broken things you’ll never fix, magazines, etc)
  • Put all your shoes away

As you get cleaning and organizing, you’ll notice that mentally, your brain is doing the same thing!

3. Try some yoga

Speaking of physical and mental connections, yoga is another great example. The best part is that you dont have to be a hippie, super flexible, or even athletic to feel the benefits. Something about stretching, cracking, and working the kinks out physically through yoga leads your mind to do the same thing. A big focus in yoga is listening to your body and mind through movement.

If the twisting and stretching hasn’t completely fixed your funk, the listening aspect may reveal to you what is lying underneath the surface. When you’re tuned into your own self without all the noise of the world, its so much easier to recognize what you need. Maybe you’re in a funk in the first place because you aren’t sleeping enough, aren’t exercising enough, are too stressed, or are not passionate about what you’re doing. The meditative part of yoga is perfect for helping you figure that out!

And if you absolutely know that yoga isn’t your thing, a lot of people feel similar effects from running or other forms of exercise. The important part is that you get moving, and you get in tune with yourself.

Not sure where to start? Yoga with Adriene changed the game for me.

4. Spice up your routine

We wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, watch netflix, eat dinner, go to sleep, and repeat. No wonder your mind is bored and unmotivated! We get so caught up in our same routines that it often doesn’t take a huge change to completely throw us off course and shake the cobwebs loose! And, sometimes that little touch of change is all we need to get going again. This can be fun! Some ideas:

  • Shower in the morning instead of at night (or vice versa)
  • Wake up earlier
  • Wake up later
  • Read instead of watching TV
  • Take a different way to work
  • Try a new hobby or class
  • Get a dog. Why not?
  • Try yoga *wink*

5. Just do it

Sometimes you’ll try every step that you see and still feel blah. What now?

I read a quote just recently that said “Motivation may get you started but discipline keeps you going”. Basically that means that we aren’t going to be motivated all the time, and thats where the need for discipline comes in if you hope to accomplish anything.

You must have something you need to be doing but aren’t, which is why you’re reading this. It may be huge, like the desire to start your own business. Or, it may be that you just dont feel like doing yard work. Being in a funk can affect tasks at every level and our mindset about doing them.

So, if you’ve tried everything on this list and still dont feel like you’ve shaken that feeling, then just get started. It takes some willpower, but you’ll be glad you did. Because, when it all comes down to it, “I did _________” feels so much better than “I still need to do _________”, and thats what we all crave.

Momentum is your friend here. Getting off the couch is the hard part, but it gets easier as you get moving. Steps 1-4 took away any physical causes for your funk, so all thats left is desire. And, as much as I wish I could, I cant provide that for you. Never fear though, it’ll be easier and easier to stay disciplined. Slowly, as you move forward, the dust and cobwebs, excuses and blah feelings will shake loose.

I believe in you!!!!

Did these tips help? Let me know down below!!


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