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3 Ted Talks to Watch When You’re Ready to Change Your Life

Hello everybody and happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone is having a great start to this week. Ive caught the Ted Talk bug again, and I found some other life-changing ones to share with you guys today.

I’ve been thinking lately about our ability as humans to change our lives. We literally have the opportunity every single day to wake up and decide that we want to change everything. Ive written about this before, but it absolutely blows my mind that it only takes a few seconds really to become a morning person, decide to be a runner, decide to start a business, decide to break up with that person that makes you miserable, etc. We are truly our only limit, and we have full design power over what we want our lives to look like. We have more control over that than I think a lot of us realize.

I think that most people have a defining moment (or a few) where they put their foot down and decide that things are going to change. Thats where Ted Talks are awesome. Maybe we need something to inspire us to have one of those moments, or maybe we had one of those moments but dont know what to do next.

I’ve watched a ton of Ted Talks, and I’ve found 3 that I think are perfect for when you’ve decided that you want to change how things are going, from here on out.

1. Programming your mind for success, Carrie Green

This talk is awesome because she talks about one of those life-changing moments she had for herself, where she realized how much her thoughts had been holding her back. We all have those thoughts where we think that our ideas are not good enough. But, have you ever taken the time to think about the implications they’re having when you let them fester?

Carrie talks about those thoughts, what they can do, and how to get rid of them so that you feel like you can chase after your ideas without letting negative thoughts get in the way.

2. How to gain control of your free time, Laura Vanderkam

This talk really changed the way I think about my time. And, no matter what life-change you’ve decided on, chances are it will involve some shift in how you spend your time. This speaker is an expert on time management, and she’s interviewed tons of busy people, successful people, and busy successful people. Her conclusion is that the only things we dont have time for are the things we dont prioritize.

I also love her idea of “writing your annual review” or “family letter” for the year at the beginning of the year. Basically deciding what you will accomplish professionally or personally that year at the very beginning. Those things that you want to have accomplished are your goals, and what you should be spending your time on. Thats it, and it doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that!

3. All it takes is 10 mindful minutes, Andy Puddicombe

This speaker talks about meditation, and why it is important. We take care of our cars and our hair, but dont think to take care of our minds. Thats wild to think about, because we rely on our minds so much but then we look for “quick fixes” when things start to go wrong with them. Meditation is a way to help our minds stay working at their best, and is a good thing to integrate into a routine once you’ve decided on changing your life.

4. How to achieve your most ambitious goals, Stephen Duneier

This right here is my favorite Ted Talk of all time. So much so, that I also included it in my last roundup of Ted Talks (3 Ted Talks Anyone With Big Goals Should Watch). I love this one because he has found a way to make goals happen by breaking them down in a way that is genius. The things he’s accomplished are insane. So, if you have decided on something, but aren’t sure how to approach it, this one should help you!

Thats it! Of course, there are bajillion of other Ted Talks out there, all with amazing things to say. But, these are by absolute favorites for when you’re at that moment where you want to change your life.

Liked these? Have any other favorites? Let me know down below!


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  • Amy

    I love that talk by Carrie Green!
    I even bought her book, which is the best book on becoming an entrepreneur I’ve read yet.

    Currently listening to the 2nd one, I love the idea that it isn’t saving time that gives you the life you want, it’s the life you want that gives you the free time. Reminds me of that quote about how things fall into place when you’re happy, not you become happy when things fall into place.

    Thanks for this list, it’s great!

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