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How I Got 1.1 Million Monthly Viewers on Pinterest in 3 Months

Hi everyone!!

Today I’m going to be posting something that I dont normally post about, but have been getting TONS of questions on! MY PINTEREST STRATEGY!

How I got here

When I first started my blog, I read every single post on Pinterest that I could find about “How to grow your blog” “How to get more monthly viewers” “How to get more clicks”, etc. I followed their advice, and seriously… IT DID NOTHING!!

Honestly, I got so frustrated with trying all these tactics that I ended up taking a hiatus from my blog for a month because I wasn’t getting any traction! So, the tips I share with you aren’t going to be the same tips you see everywhere!

What ended up working

When I returned to blogging, I decided that I was going to experiment with some things that were my own ideas, and not what everyone on Pinterest recommended for getting traffic. That was May. Here I am in August with 1.1 million monthly viewers on Pinterest (and counting), and a few thousand hits to my blog per month.

As you can see, its been steady. I didn’t blow up my page all of a sudden. But, I’ve finally been gaining that traction I was looking for all along.

I’m not going to share all my secrets today ;), but I’m going to tell you how I was able to blow up my Pinterest for my blog after such a short period of time!

1. Make pins that you would personally click on

I see some of the craziest pins out there and I cant help but wonder what the person who made them was thinking. Scroll down Pinterest and just look at the pins you’re seeing. Which ones catch your eye? Save those, and then go to your list of recently saved pins. What do they have in common? Is there a specific color that seemed to jump out at you, or certain fonts? There isn’t an end all, be all type of pin that will guarantee you clicks. But, if something is jumping out at you it will likely jump out at your desired reader! So, start to pay attention and I promise that you’ll see more results.

It wasn’t until I started creating pins that I would click on, as opposed to the type that was recommended in articles about what your pins should look like, that I started to get people clicking on them!

2. Spend time on Pinterest!!!

Something you dont hear enough about is how the Pinterest algorithm works! You hear “tailwind this, tailwind that” (more about that later), and it makes you think that you should just queue up a bunch on tailwind and then never touch Pinterest. That is not true!!!!!!! Tailwind is absolutely amazing, but Pinterest is still a selfish platform.

Pinterest literally knows how much time you spend on it, and it will reward you if you actually spend time looking at pins, scrolling, and manually repinning, commenting, clicking, following, etc. So, in your blog routine, (I know theres a lot to do), spend at least 15 mins per day ACTUALLY on Pinterest. And, the reward for that is that your pins get in front of more eyes.

When I started spending time on the platform, my traffic increased DRAMATICALLY! One morning, I had the morning to myself and spent a whole hour or so just browsing Pinterest.

I dont think its a coincidence that that very afternoon I had a pin go viral for the first time ever!

And ever since then, whenever I’m needing a boost in traffic I just try to spend some time on Pinterest and without fail I always have something go viral.

4. Be smart about group boards

Group boards: JOIN THEM! Any time you come across one that fits with what you pin about, request to join it! If you look at any mega-successful pinner’s page, they’re probably part of a bajillion group boards!

(I have one about Living Life to the Fullest.. if you’d like to join click HERE)

But, dont join more than you can handle. Almost any group board has a rule about pinning one for every one you share. That rule is there for a reason! The more re-shares a group board gets, the better the pins shared to it will perform. So, by repinning from the board, you help out your own pins! So, definitely dont skip this step! Plus, it could get you kicked out of a group board if you get caught.

Also, repin other’s pins to group boards. I like to think of this as a way to be a positive member of a group board community. If I see a quote I like on my feed, I usually add it to the quote group boards I’m part of, for example. If good pins are on the board, the board will do well. Its our responsibility as members of the boards to make sure that they are full of good pins, not just to promote our own all the time!

*But how do I handle repinning from all these boards??

Great question!! This is one that I struggled with when I first started joining. I would have pins to group boards auto-queued on Tailwind, and so I wouldn’t be able to keep up with repinning that much from all the boards without taking hours out of my day Heres what I recommend:

Every day while you’re working on Pinterest, pick one or two group boards that you’re a part of, and try to add 20-25 pins from the board to your queue. This probably takes care of the 1:1 for everything you will pin until you get back to the board. Then, just shuffle your queue!

This helps you because it isn’t too time consuming to just do a few boards every day, and it helps space out your personal queued pins which keeps you from being spammy. If you just rotate through all your boards by doing just a few a day, you’ll hit them all and then you can just start all over again!

5. GET TAILWIND! I am so serious.

This is where I always would sigh and stop reading other bloggers’ posts! That was before I actually tried it. KEEP READING!

I was so hesitant to join tailwind for a long time because I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the money. Eventually, I caved and HOLY MOLY I’m so glad I did. Its only $9.99 per month if you get the yearly plan. Think about it: thats one less burrito per month in exchange for success on Pinterest. 

No, its not the only way for sure. But, its definitely the most efficient and effective while not spending hours and hours.

The peace of mind knowing that I can go on a trip, work hard on a blog post, or have a long day at work without having to worry about getting on Pinterest is priceless. And, its so refreshing to check my phone after a long day and see that I have new repins and followers!

Plus, it provides more useful analytics than Pinterest alone, which can help you see what you should start doing, and what you should stop doing! If you’re serious about your blog, and getting your message to the world out there, you need Tailwind.

Dont believe me? They even have a free trial. You can try it out, experiment with it, and see exactly what it can do to help you be successful. With the free trial comes 100 pins and the chance to see how Tailwind works. So, you literally have nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

Heres the link. When you click on it, scroll down a bit and push the green “try it free” button.

**Yes, this is an affiliate link. I will get a small commission if you sign up through it. But, I’m recommending it from the bottom of my heart! Tailwind is the only reason that little-old-me was able to have such massive Pinterest success, and I know it can work for you too!

How I use Tailwind:

Just a quick extra side-note. I have people asking me all the time what to do with Tailwind. Heres how I do it:

  1. Schedule 55 pins per day. I’m not sure why, thats just the number I started with and its worked well so far, so I haven’t needed to change it!
  2. Make board lists for certain types of pins (I have one for quotes, one for lifestyle pins, etc) Then add all group boards that are relevant to that category to your lists.
  3. Join tribes that are related!!! If the content you see in the tribe is stuff you’re interested in, your pins will probably do well there! Use all 30 pins to a tribe that you get per month, but use them wisely!
  4. Schedule a combination of your own pins and other people’s. Shuffle your queue constantly. Just like I said in Tip 4, repin a ton from other people and group boards. I like to pin about 50/50 with my content and others! Shuffle often because theres nothing worse than a pinterest profile with 70 of the same pin at the top of it! The pins I add are from group boards, from tribes, or just cool things from my feed.
  5. When I’m scrolling down pinterest I pin directly, and add to my queue. I like to alternate.
  6. Always stay scheduled about a week out. This makes sure that if something comes up, I dont have to worry about an empty queue. Any time your queue is left empty is wasted time, since your tailwind membership comes with unlimited pins!


  • Stephanie Eiler

    Yes, I agree with Rose about the reminder to be ON Pinterest. I sometimes forget! I was also surprised by scheduling 55 pins! I do use Tailwind but only schedule about 10 pins a day. Time to up this! Thanks for the post, girl! Love your blog!

  • Rissa | So Very Me

    Very useful tips and information here. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest pinning manually and only recently started using Tailwind again. My issue is finding enough content to schedule out. I’m in tribes, but I guess I’ll have to rethink what tribes I’m currently in.

    Thank you for sharing! I hope your Pinterest continues to grow and thrive!

  • Rosemarie

    Did you see the fb live Pinterest did in May/June about them deprioritizing group boards? A lot of ppl have seen their traffic go up dropping group boards. One other thing I notice is your are in a niche that does well on Pinterest-that helps too.

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